TOC: Ann Rev Soc


Annual Review of Sociology, 38

My Life in Sociology
Nathan Glazer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Race Discrimination System
Barbara Reskin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Instrumental Variables in Sociology and the Social Sciences
Kenneth A. Bollen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rational Choice Theory and Empirical Research: Methodological and Theoretical Contributions in Europe
Clemens Kroneberg and Frank Kalter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Network Effects and Social Inequality
Paul DiMaggio and Filiz Garip [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Youth Political Participation: Bridging Activism and Electoral Politics
Dana R. Fisher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Katherine Stovel and Lynette Shaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Group Culture and the Interaction Order: Local Sociology on the Meso-Level
Gary Alan Fine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resolution of Social Conflict
Robin Wagner-Pacifici and Meredith Hall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a Comparative Sociology of Valuation and Evaluation
Michèle Lamont [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Construction, Concentration, and (Dis)Continuities in Social Valuations
Ezra W. Zuckerman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Cultural Sociology of Religion: New Directions
Penny Edgell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Status: Insights from Organizational Sociology
Michael Sauder, Freda Lynn, and Joel M. Podolny [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outsourcing Social Transformation: Development NGOs as Organizations
Susan Cotts Watkins, Ann Swidler, and Thomas Hannan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Arc of Neoliberalism
Miguel A. Centeno and Joseph N. Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic Insecurity and Social Stratification
Bruce Western, Deirdre Bloome, Benjamin Sosnaud, and Laura Tach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sociology of Elites
Shamus Rahman Khan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social and Economic Returns to College Education in the United States
Michael Hout [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Race Relations Within the US Military
James Burk and Evelyn Espinoza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Future of Historical Family Demography
Steven Ruggles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Causes and Consequences of Skewed Sex Ratios
Tim Dyson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marital Instability and Female Labor Supply
Berkay Özcan and Richard Breen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Urbanization and the Southern United States
Richard Lloyd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making a Place for Space: Spatial Thinking in Social Science
John R. Logan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Islam Moves West: Religious Change in the First and Second Generations
David Voas and Fenella Fleischmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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