LINKS/MMA Finalists


Nelson Amaral, Riley Dugan and Karthikey Easwar are the finalists for the LINKS Simulations & Marketing Management Association Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Student

The Marketing Management Association is pleased to announce the finalists of the LINKS Simulations & MMA Foundation Legacy Fund 2nd Annual Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Student Competition. Congratulations to:

  • Nelson Amaral, Universty of Minnesota
  • Riley Dugan, University of Cincinnati
  • Karthikey Easwar, The Ohio State University

This competition was established to recognize achievement and future promise as a marketing teacher and scholar. The three finalists will make a mini-teaching presentation at the Marketing Management Association Fall Educators’ Conference in Minneapolis. The winner will be selected from the three finalists with all three recognized for their achievement at the Awards Luncheon on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

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