TOC: J Service Man


Journal of Service Management, 23(3)

Customer co-creation in service innovation: a matter of communication?
Authors: Anders Gustafsson, Per Kristensson, Lars Witell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-creation and learning in health-care service development
Authors: Mattias Elg, Jon Engström, Lars Witell, Bozena Poksinska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to transform consumers into fans of your brand
Authors: Benedikt Jahn, Werner Kunz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer experience modeling: from customer experience to service design
Authors: Jorge Teixeira, Lia Patrício, Nuno J. Nunes, Leonel Nóbrega, Raymond P. Fisk, Larry Constantine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pushing the frontier of sustainable service operations management: Evidence from US hospitality industry
Authors: Jie J. Zhang, Nitin Joglekar, Rohit Verma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reversing the green backlash in services: credible competitors help large companies go green
Authors: HaeEun Helen Chun, Michael Giebelhausen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transitioning from a goods-dominant to a service-dominant logic: Visualising the value proposition of Rolls-Royce
Authors: Irene Ng, Glenn Parry, Laura Smith, Roger Maull, Gerard Briscoe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service innovation in manufacturing
Authors: John E. Ettlie, Stephen R. Rosenthal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service’s scientific community: a social network analysis (1995-2010)
Authors: Michele Esteves Martins, Guilherme Silveira Martins, João Mario Csillag, Susana Carla Farias Pereira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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