TOC: Cal Man Rev


California Management Review, 54(3)

Corporate Brand Management Imperatives: Custodianship, Credibility, and Calibration
John M. T. Balmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategically Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility: A Corporate Branding Perspective
Christine Vallaster, Adam Lindgreen, François Maon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building a Strong Corporate Ethical Identity: Key Findings from Suppliers
Nicola Kleyn, Russell Abratt, Kerry Chipp, Michael Goldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Languages and Strategic Agility: Trapped in Your Jargon or Lost in Translation?
Mary Yoko Brannen, Yves L. Doz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outsourcing Complex Business Processes: Lessons from an Enterprise Partnership
Matthias Holweg, Frits K. Pil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Unsolicited Ideas for R&D
Oliver Alexy, Paola Criscuolo, Ammon Salter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

GE’s ecomagination Challenge: An Experiment in Open Innovation
Henry Chesbrough [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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