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Journal of Marketing, 76(4)

What Is Quality? An Integrative Framework of Processes and States
Peter N Golder, Debanjan Mitra, and Christine Moorman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alliance Portfolio Resource Diversity and Firm Innovation
Anna S Cui and Gina O’Connor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Profit Margin
Florian Stahl, Mark Heitmann, Donald R Lehmann, and Scott A Neslin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When More Is Less: The Impact of Base Value Neglect on Consumer Preferences for Bonus Packs over Price Discounts
Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Howard Marmorstein, Michael Tsiros, and Akshay R Rao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finding a Home for Products We Love: How Buyer Usage Intent Affects the Pricing of Used Goods
Aaron R Brough and Mathew S Isaac [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand Concepts as Representations of Human Values: Do Cultural Congruity and Compatibility Between Values Matter?
Carlos J Torelli, Aysegül Özsomer, Sergio W Carvalho, Hean Tat Keh, and Natalia Maehle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Is Ours Better Than Mine? A Framework for Understanding and Altering Participation in Commercial Sharing Systems
Cait Poynor Lamberton and Randall L Rose [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Choice of Cause in Cause-Related Marketing
Stefanie Rosen Robinson, Caglar Irmak, and Satish Jayachandran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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