TOC: J Adv Res


Journal of Advertising Research, 52(2)

Lessons from a Legend
Geoffrey Precourt

Management Slant

Send This to Your CFO … Anonymously
Pat LaPointe


Lifting the Productivity of Television Advertising: Nothing Matters More Than the Brand. Nothing
Jenni Romaniuk


The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements
Anita Elberse and Jeroen Verleun

The High Stakes of Sweepstakes: Too Much of a Good Thing Can Demotivate Digital Consumers
Caroline Wilcox and Arch G. Woodside

How Validation Can Trump Digital Waste and Generate Value across the Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Linda Boland Abraham, Anne Hunter, and Andrea Vollman


The Laws of Marketing Science: Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg (1926–2010)

The Ehrenberg Legacy: Lessons in Buying Behavior, Television, Brand Perception, Advertising, and Pricing
John Scriven and Gerald Goodhardt

It’s a Dirichlet World: Modeling Individuals’ Loyalties Reveals How Brands Compete, Grow, and Decline
Byron Sharp, Malcolm Wright, John Dawes, Carl Driesener, Lars Meyer-Waarden, Lara Stocchi, and Philip Stern

The Power of Before and After: How the Dirichlet Can Analyze the Sales Impact of a Promotional Activity
James McCabe, Philip Stern, and Scott G. Dacko

The 38-Percent Solution: Empirical Generalizations for Repeat Viewing of Television Programs
Peter J. Danaher and Tracey S. Dagger

New Brand Extensions: Patterns of Success and Failure
Jaywant Singh, John Scriven, Maria Clemente, Wendy Lomax, and Malcolm Wright

Brand Image and Brand Usage: Is a Forty-Year-Old Empirical Generalization Still Useful?
Jenni Romaniuk, Svetlana Bogomolova, and Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley

In 25 Years, Across 50 Categories, User Profiles for Directly Competing Brands Seldom Differ: Affirming Andrew Ehrenberg’s Principles
Mark Uncles, Rachel Kennedy, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Jaywant Singh, and Simon Kwok

What’s Not to “Like?” Can a Facebook Fan Base Give a Brand the Advertising Reach it Needs?
Karen Nelson-Field, Erica Riebe, and Byron Sharp

Brand Growth at Mars, Inc.: How the Global Marketer Embraced Ehrenberg’s Science with Creativity 270
Rachel Kennedy and Bruce McColl

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