TOC: Psych Mar


Psychology and Marketing, 29(7)

The Key Components of Feng Shui and Their Implications for Marketing
Oliver H. M. Yau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ Views of Feng Shui: Antecedents and Behavioral Consequences
Chung-Leung Luk, Wendy W. N. Wan, Raymond P. M. Chow, Cheris W. C. Chow, Kim-Shyan Fam, Peiguan Wu and Sarang Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feng Shui Principles in Residential Housing Selection
Wann-Yih Wu, Oliver H. M. Yau and Hsiao-Yun Lu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Level of Concern about Feng Shui in House Purchasing: The Impacts of Self-efficacy, Superstition, and the Big Five Personality Traits
Yu-Shu Peng, Hsin-Hua Hsiung and Ke-Hung Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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