TOC: Intl J Innovation Man


International Journal of Innovation Management, 16(3)

Editorial — Seventh Special Issue for the ISPIM
Joe Tidd, Eelko Huizingh and Steffen Conn 1202001 (2 Pages) [Publisher]

Product Innovation Tool Adoption Behaviour in Technology-Based New Ventures
Gerrit A. De Waal and Paul Knott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Which University To Partner with: An Investigation into Partner Selection Motives Among Small Innovative Firms
Brian Karlson and Lisa Callagher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fast-Growing SMEs and the Role of Innovation
Christina Grundström, Roland Sjöström, Anders Uddenberg and Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation & Productivity: Investigating Effects of Openness in Services
Anne-Laure Mention and Anna-Leena Asikainen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Harnessing the Value of Open Innovation: the Moderating Role of Innovation Management
Torsten Oliver Salge, Thomas Marc Bohné, Tomas Farchi and Erk Peter Piening [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building External Networks and Its Effect On the Performance of Overseas R&D Base
Shigemi Yoneyama [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leadership and Innovation in Organizations: A Systematic Review of Factors That Mediate Or Moderate the Relationship
Leif Denti and Sven Hemlin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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