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News from the Marketing for Higher Education Track of the 2013 AMA Winter Marketing Educators? Conference, Las Vegas, 15-17 Feb 2013; Deadline 30 Jul

CALL FOR PAPERS (deadline 30th July, 2012)



As academics, the marketing of higher education touches our working lives in many ways. The track chairs invite you to actively participate in the shaping of higher education marketing by submitting papers and special panel proposals that connect with the conference theme: Challenging the Bounds of Marketing Thought.

We seek papers that connect with the conference theme that also bridge the disciplines of marketing and higher education which address the emerging issues and debates concerning the role of marketing in policy making and the management of universities world-wide. We encourage papers and panel sessions that explore, evaluate and critically analyze the overall management of the marketing function within higher education and encourage rigorous, empirical research related to all aspects of higher education marketing. Discursive papers on critical theory, conceptual developments, and critiques of higher education marketing are also welcome and we encourage critical responses and discussion.

The importance of marketing higher education is increasingly evident as the market for educational services becomes more competitive domestically and internationally. Globalization has and continues to have a fundamental influence on higher education across the world. The creation of partnerships for research and teaching, the development of offshore education opportunities, an increasing focus on the internationalization of higher education, increasing competition for international students, the net migration of talent from less developed nations to universities in the ‘West’ are exerting enormous influence on local decisions and strategies for institutions in under developed and developed nations.

Through the conference theme and Marketing for Higher Education track, we hope to provide a vehicle for the advancement of knowledge and debate in the field of higher education marketing and to stimulate further research and debate in this area with a view to developing theory and practice in connection with the role of marketing in higher education institutions world-wide.

The publishers of the Journal of Marketing for Higher Education Taylor & Francis, has generously agreed to fund a $1,000 award for the best paper in the Marketing for Higher Education track. Best papers will be published in the Journal of Marketing for Higher Education.

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