TOC: Judgment Dec Making


Judgment and Decision Making, 7(3)

Choice processes and their post-decisional consequences in morally conflicting decisions
Amy R. Krosch, Bernd Figner, Elke U. Weber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of main actor, outcome and affect on biased braking speed judgments
Ola Svenson, Gabriella Eriksson, Paul Slovic, C. K. Mertz, Tina Fuglestad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Focusing on what you own: Biased information uptake due to ownership
Nathaniel J. S. Ashby, Stephan Dickert, Andreas Glockner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Image Theory’s counting rule in clinical decision making: Does it describe how clinicians make patient-specific forecasts?
Paul R. Falzer, Melissa Garman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do you look forward to retirement? Motivational biases in pension decisions
Tehila Kogut, Momi Dahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dishonestly increasing the likelihood of winning
Shaul Shalvi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconciling pro-social vs. selfish behavior: On the role of self-control
Peter Martinsson, Kristian Ove R. Myrseth, Conny Wollbrant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Description-based and experience-based decisions: individual analysis
Andrey Kudryavtsev, Julia Pavlodsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A new intuitionism: Meaning, memory, and development in Fuzzy-Trace Theory
Valerie F. Reyna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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