TOC: J Nonprofit Pub Sector Mar


Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 24(2)

Defining the Product in Social Marketing: An Analysis of Published Research
Rosemary Thackeray, Katrina N. Fulkerson & Brad L. Neiger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Study of Older Australians’ Volunteering and Quality of Life: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications
Mehdi Taghian, Clare D’Souza & Michael Polonsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Belief in Making a Difference in Enhancing Attachment to a Charity Sport Event
Kevin Filo, Mark D. Groza & Sheranne Fairley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who Receives What? The Influence of the Donation Magnitude and Donation Recipient in Cause-Related Marketing
Debbie Human & Nic S. Terblanche [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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