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Journal of Management, 38(4)

The Domain of Organizational Cognitive Neuroscience: Theoretical and Empirical Challenges
Nick Lee, Carl Senior, and Michael J. R. Butler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What We Know and Don’t Know About Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review and Research Agenda
Herman Aguinis and Ante Glavas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Group Faultlines: A Review, Integration, and Guide to Future Research
Sherry M. B. Thatcher and Pankaj C. Patel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Adolescence of Family Firm Research: Taking Stock and Planning for the Future
Eric Gedajlovic, Michael Carney, James J. Chrisman, and Franz W. Kellermanns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Whistle While You Work: A Review of the Life Satisfaction Literature
Berrin Erdogan, Talya N. Bauer, Donald M. Truxillo, and Layla R. Mansfield [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patent Strategy and Management: An Integrative Review and Research Agenda
Deepak Somaya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge, Networks, and Knowledge Networks: A Review and Research Agenda
Corey Phelps, Ralph Heidl, and Anu Wadhwa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

At What Level (and in Whom) We Trust: Trust Across Multiple Organizational Levels
C. Ashley Fulmer and Michele J. Gelfand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Empowerment–Fad or Fab? A Multilevel Review of the Past Two Decades of Research
M. Travis Maynard, Lucy L. Gilson, and John E. Mathieu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Choices, Challenges, and Career Consequences of Global Work Experiences: A Review and Future Agenda
Margaret A. Shaffer, Maria L. Kraimer, Yu-Ping Chen, and Mark C. Bolino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Network Research in Organizational Contexts: A Systematic Review of Methodological Issues and Choices
Mason A. Carpenter, Mingxiang Li, and Han Jiang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Critical Analysis of the Workplace Creativity Criterion Space
Tamara Montag, Carl P. Maertz, Jr., and Markus Baer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Negotiating the Gender Divide: Lessons From the Negotiation and Organizational Behavior Literatures
Carol T. Kulik and Mara Olekalns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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