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Organization Science 

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Before Identity: The Emergence of New Organizational Forms
C. Marlene Fiol and Elaine Romanelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the Role of Objects in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
Davide Nicolini, Jeanne Mengis, and Jacky Swan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shaping Strategic Action Through the Rhetorical Construction and Exploitation of Ambiguity
John Sillince, Paula Jarzabkowski, and Duncan Shaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Hand Drawings to Computer Visuals: Confronting Situated and Institutionalized Practices in an Architecture Firm
Carole Groleau, Christiane Demers, Mireille Lalancette, and Marcos Barros [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reproducing Knowledge: Inaccurate Replication and Failure in Franchise Organizations
Sidney G. Winter, Gabriel Szulanski, Dimo Ringov, and Robert J. Jensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond the "Mirroring" Hypothesis: Product Modularity and Interorganizational Relations in the Air Conditioning Industry
Anna Cabigiosu and Arnaldo Camuffo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collaborating for Knowledge Creation and Application: The Case of Nanotechnology Research Programs
Dovev Lavie and Israel Drori [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Division of Gains from Complementarities in Human-Capital-Intensive Activity
Sendil K. Ethiraj and Pranav Garg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowing Where You Stand: Physical Isolation, Perceived Respect, and Organizational Identification Among Virtual Employees
Caroline A. Bartel, Amy Wrzesniewski, and Batia M. Wiesenfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Employee Commitment to Change Across Organizational Levels: The Influence of Hierarchical Distance and Direct Managers’ Transformational Leadership
N. Sharon Hill, Myeong-Gu Seo, Jae Hyeung Kang, and M. Susan Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not All Identifications Are Created Equal: Exploring Employee Accounts for Workgroup, Organizational, and Professional Identification
Heather Vough [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resisters at Work: Generating Productive Resistance in the Workplace
David Courpasson, Francoise Dany, and Stewart Clegg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Let’s Work It Out (or We’ll See You in Court): Litigation and Private Dispute Resolution in Vertical Exchange Relationships
Fabrice Lumineau and Joanne E. Oxley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stay or Leave: Director Identities and Voluntary Exit from the Board During Organizational Crisis
Michael C. Withers, Kevin G. Corley, and Amy J. Hillman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Family Control and Family Firm Valuation by Family CEOs: The Importance of Intentions for Transgenerational Control
Thomas M. Zellweger, Franz W. Kellermanns, James J. Chrisman, and Jess H. Chua [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tribunal Specialization and Institutional Targeting in Patent Enforcement
Deepak Somaya and Christine A. McDaniel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Organizational Behavior and the Working Poor
Carrie R. Leana, Vikas Mittal, and Emily Stiehl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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