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International Journal of Market Research, 54(2)

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International Journal of Market Research 

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New visions: capturing digital data and market research.
Mariann Hardey

Make or break: a simple non-compensatory customer satisfaction model.
Keith Chrzan and Michael Kemery

Main papers
Researching children: are we getting it right? A discussion of ethics.
Agnes Nairn and Barbie Clarke

Developing a visceral market learning capability for new product development.
Deborah L. Roberts and Roger Palmer

Using supermarket loyalty card data to analyse the impact of promotions.
Melanie Felgate, Andrew Fearne, Salvatore DiFalco and Marian Garcia Martinez

The impact of two-stage highly interesting questions on completion rates and data quality in online marketing research.
Jared M. Hansen and Scott M. Smith

How respondents use verbal and numeric rating scales: a case for rescaling.
Michael Bendixen and Yuliya Yurova

Conference Notes
‘Does research reflect reality?’ (IJMR Research Methods Forum) London, 1 November 2011
Fiona Blades, Mark Earls and Graham Page

Book Review
Kaiser Fung – Numbers rule your world: the hidden influence of probability and statistics on everything you do
Richard Asquith

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