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Decision Sciences 

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Do Shareholders Really Prefer Their Executives to Maximize the Equity Value? A Newsvendor Case
Oded Berman, Nima Sanajian and Hossein Abouee-Mehrizi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Security Impact E-procurement Performance? Testing a Model of Direct and Moderated Effects
Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Sarv Devaraj and John D’Arcy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Acquisition and Disclosure of Operational Information
Zhaolin Li and Daewon Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management: An Empirical Investigation
I-Chieh Hsu and Rajiv Sabherwal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply Chain Inventory Replenishment: The Debiasing Effect of Declarative Knowledge
Travis Tokar, John A. Aloysius and Matthew A. Waller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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