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American Economic Review, 102(3)

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Does the Current Account Still Matter?
Maurice Obstfeld

Implications of Rational Inattention: Simple Market Equilibria with Rationally Inattentive Consumers
Filip Matejka and Alisdair McKay

Information Processing and Limited Liability
Bartosz Ma?kowiak and Mirko Wiederholt

Information Choice Technologies
Christian Hellwig, Sebastian Kohls and Laura Veldkamp

Attention and Choice: Prospect Theory as Efficient Perceptual Distortion
Michael Woodford

Salience in Experimental Tests of the Endowment Effect
Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer

Measuring Systemic Risk: Getting at Systemic Risk via an Agent-Based Model of the Housing Market
John Geanakoplos

Capital Shortfall: A New Approach to Ranking and Regulating Systemic Risks
Viral Acharya, Robert Engle and Matthew Richardson

Privacy-Preserving Methods for Sharing Financial Risk Exposures
Emmanuel A. Abbe, Amir E. Khandani and Andrew W. Lo

Fiscal Policy During and After the Financial Crisis: Fiscal Policy and the Great Recession in the Euro Area
Günter Coenen, Roland Straub and Mathias Trabandt

Fiscal Policy in a Financial Crisis: Standard Policy versus Bank Rescue Measures
Robert Kollmann, Werner Roeger and Jan in’t Veld

Bubbles and Financial Crisis: Bubbles and Total Factor Productivity
Jianjun Miao and Pengfei Wang

Debt Financing in Asset Markets
Zhiguo He and Wei Xiong

Understanding Bubbly Episodes
Vasco M. Carvalho, Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura

Financial Reform—What’s Really Needed?: The Safe-Asset Share
Gary Gorton, Stefan Lewellen and Andrew Metrick

Three Principles for Market-Based Credit Regulation
Perry Mehrling

Limited-Purpose Banking–Moving from "Trust Me" to "Show Me" Banking
Christophe Chamley, Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Herakles Polemarchakis

Very Local House Price Dynamics: Within-City Variation in Urban Decline: The Case of Detroit
Veronica Guerrieri, Daniel Hartley and Erik Hurst

Housing Booms and City Centers
Edward L. Glaeser, Joshua D. Gottlieb and Kristina Tobio

Heterogeneity in Neighborhood-Level Price Growth in the United States, 1993-2009
Fernando Ferreira and Joseph Gyourko

Asset Prices and Wealth Dynamics with Heterogenous Beliefs: Market Prices of Risk with Diverse Beliefs, Learning, and Catastrophes
Timothy Cogley, Thomas J. Sargent and Viktor Tsyrennikov

Financial Innovation and Asset Price Volatility
Felix Kubler and Karl Schmedders

International Robust Disagreement
Riccardo Colacito and Mariano M. Croce

Heterogeneous Beliefs, Wealth Distribution, and Asset Markets with Risk of Default
Viktor Tsyrennikov

Empirical Approaches to Sovereign Debt Default and Monetary-Fiscal Interactions: Estimating Sovereign Default Risk
Huixin Bi and Nora Traum

Evolving Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix in the United States
Francesco Bianchi

Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions and Indeterminacy in Postwar US Data
Saroj Bhattarai, Jae Won Lee and Woong Yong Park

Managing Currency Pegs: Real Exchange Rate Adjustment in and out of the Eurozone
Martin Berka, Michael B. Devereux and Charles Engel

Fiscal Consolidation in an Open Economy
Christopher J. Erceg and Jesper Lindé

Managing Currency Pegs
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe

International Monetary Reform: Can Asia Overcome the IMF Stigma?
Takatoshi Ito

Capital Flow Management
Olivier Jeanne

International Liquidity in a Multipolar World
Barry Eichengreen

The International Transmission of Financial Shocks: Bank-Level Evidence from the 2007-2009 Crisis: Follow the Money: Quantifying Domestic Effects of Foreign Bank Shocks in the Great Recession
Nicola Cetorelli and Linda S. Goldberg

Flight Home, Flight Abroad, and International Credit Cycles
Mariassunta Giannetti and Luc Laeven

From Financial Crisis to Great Recession: The Role of Globalized Banks
Shekhar Aiyar

International Shock Transmission after the Lehman Brothers Collapse: Evidence from Syndicated Lending
Ralph De Haas and Neeltje Van Horen

Coping with Economic and Environmental Shocks: Institutions and Outcomes: Moving to Higher Ground: Migration Response to Natural Disasters in the Early Twentieth Century
Leah Platt Boustan, Matthew E. Kahn and Paul W. Rhode

Nature versus Nurture: The Environment’s Persistent Influence through the Modernization of American Agriculture
Richard Hornbeck

Adaptation to Climate Change in Preindustrial Iceland
Matthew A. Turner, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Jian Chen and Chunyan Hao

Crime and Terrorism: Race and Gender Differences under Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Todd Sorensen, Supriya Sarnikar and Ronald L. Oaxaca

Terrorism and Patriotism: On the Earnings of US Veterans following September 11, 2001
Alberto Dávila and Marie T. Mora

The Nonlinear Relationship between Terrorism and Poverty
Walter Enders and Gary A. Hoover

War and Stature: Growing Up during the Nigerian Civil War
Richard Akresh, Sonia Bhalotra, Marinella Leone and Una Okonkwo Osili

Growth Inputs: From Human Capital to Nation Building: Nation Building and Economic Growth
Ellyn Creasey, Ahmed S. Rahman and Katherine A. Smith

The Determinants and Consequences of School Choice Errors in Kenya
Adrienne M. Lucas and Isaac M. Mbiti

Kinship and Financial Networks, Formal Financial Access, and Risk Reduction
Cynthia Kinnan and Robert Townsend

Child Health and Conflict in Côte d’Ivoire
Camelia Minoiu and Olga Shemyakina

The Effects of Financial Education and Financial Literacy: How Financial Literacy Affects Household Wealth Accumulation
Jere R. Behrman, Olivia S. Mitchell, Cindy K. Soo and David Bravo

Financial Education and Timely Decision Support: Lessons from Junior Achievement
Bruce Ian Carlin and David T. Robinson

Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy at the Household Level
Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai

Effectiveness of Employer-Provided Financial Information: Hiring to Retiring
Robert L. Clark, Melinda Sandler Morrill and Steven G. Allen

Robustness and Approximation in Mechanism Design: Efficient Auctions and Interdependent Types
Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris and Satoru Takahashi

Robustly Ranking Mechanisms
Tilman Börgers and Doug Smith

Approximation in Mechanism Design
Jason D. Hartline

Digitization and New Research Directions: Copyright, Privacy, and User-Generated Content: Copyright Research in the Digital Age: Moving from Piracy to the Supply of New Products
Joel Waldfogel

Is Wikipedia Biased?
Shane Greenstein and Feng Zhu

Shifts in Privacy Concerns
Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker

New Challenges for Market Design: New Challenges in Multihospital Kidney Exchange
Itai Ashlagi and Alvin E. Roth

Holdout in the Assembly of Complements: A Problem for Market Design
Scott Duke Kominers and E. Glen Weyl

Stability and Strategy-Proofness for Matching with Constraints: A Problem in the Japanese Medical Match and Its Solution
Yuichiro Kamada and Fuhito Kojima

Understanding Price Controls and Nonprice Competition with Matching Theory
John William Hatfield, Charles R. Plott and Tomomi Tanaka

In Remembrance of Alfred E. Kahn: Fred Kahn’s Impact on Deregulation and Regulatory Reform: After Airline Deregulation and Alfred E. Kahn
Nancy L. Rose

Dynamic Pricing of Electricity
Paul L. Joskow and Catherine D. Wolfram

Telecommunications Deregulation
Jerry A. Hausman and William E. Taylor

Government Policy for a Partially Deregulated Industry: Deregulate It Fully
Clifford Winston

Global Production Chains: Global Supply Chains and Wage Inequality
Arnaud Costinot, Jonathan Vogel and Su Wang

Sustaining Production Chains through Financial Linkages
Se-Jik Kim and Hyun Song Shin

Proximity and Production Fragmentation
Robert C. Johnson and Guillermo Noguera

Measuring the Upstreamness of Production and Trade Flows
Pol Antràs, Davin Chor, Thibault Fally and Russell Hillberry

Trade and Labor Markets: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data: Trade, Labor Market Frictions, and Residual Wage Inequality across Worker Groups
Pravin Krishna, Jennifer P. Poole and Mine Zeynep Senses

Offshoring, Transition, and Training: Evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data
David Hummels, Jakob R. Munch, Lars Skipper and Chong Xiang

Liberalized Trade and Worker-Firm Matching
Carl Davidson, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm and Susan Chun Zhu

Exports and Within-Plant Wage Distributions: Evidence from Mexico
Judith A. Frías, David S. Kaplan and Eric Verhoogen

New Directions in Trade And Geography: Village Economic Accounts: Real and Financial Intertwined
Archawa Paweenawat and Robert M. Townsend

Innovation in Space
Klaus Desmet and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Advantage: Old Idea, New Evidence
Arnaud Costinot and Dave Donaldson

New Directions in Trade Policy: Tariff Revenue and Tariff Caps
Manuel Amador and Kyle Bagwell

Profits in the "New Trade" Approach to Trade Negotiations
Ralph Ossa

Trade Agreements and the Nature of Price Determination
Pol Antràs and Robert W. Staiger

Model Selection: On the Use of Holdout Samples for Model Selection
Frank Schorfheide and Kenneth I. Wolpin

Prediction with Misspecified Models
John Geweke and Gianni Amisano

Assumptions Matter: Model Uncertainty and the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment
Steven N. Durlauf, Chao Fu and Salvador Navarro

The 2006 Massachusetts Health Reform: Heuristics and Heterogeneity in Health Insurance Exchanges: Evidence from the Massachusetts Connector
Keith Marzilli Ericson and Amanda Starc

Health Reform, Health Insurance, and Selection: Estimating Selection into Health Insurance Using the Massachusetts Health Reform
Martin B. Hackmann, Jonathan T. Kolstad and Amanda E. Kowalski

The Impact of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform on Health Care Use among Children
Sarah Miller

How Did Health Care Reform in Massachusetts Impact Insurance Premiums?
John A. Graves and Jonathan Gruber

Causes and Consequences of Unemployment: New Microeconomic Evidence and Perspectives: The Long-Term Effects of UI Extensions on Employment
Johannes F. Schmieder, Till von Wachter and Stefan Bender

Unemployment in the Great Recession: Did the Housing Market Crisis Prevent the Unemployed from Moving to Take Jobs?
Henry S. Farber

Contract Form, Wage Flexibility, and Employment
Thomas Lemieux, W. Bentley MacLeod and Daniel Parent

Immigration, Employment, and Entrepreneurship: Access to Credit by Small Businesses: How Relevant Are Race, Ethnicity, and Gender?
Elizabeth Asiedu, James A. Freeman and Akwasi Nti-Addae

Coming to America: Does Having a Developed Home Country Matter for Self-Employment in the United States?
Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere and Willie Belton

The Labor Market Impact of Mandated Employment Verification Systems
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Cynthia Bansak

The Employment of Low-Skilled Immigrant Men in the United States
Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo

Maternity Leave, Family Formation, and Caregiving: Love and Money by Parental Matchmaking: Evidence from Urban Couples in China
Fali Huang, Ginger Zhe Jin and Lixin Colin Xu

Business Cycles and Gender Diversification: An Analysis of Establishment-Level Gender Dissimilarity
Cynthia Bansak, Mary E. Graham and Allan A. Zebedee

Birth Rates and the Vietnam Draft
Marianne P. Bitler and Lucie Schmidt

Identification of the Effect of Depression on Risky Sexual Behavior: Exploiting a Natural Experiment
Susan L. Averett and Yang Wang

Measuring and Explaining the Collapse of the Labor Market in the Great Recession: Hiring, Churn, and the Business Cycle
Edward P. Lazear and James R. Spletzer

Job-to-Job Flows in the Great Recession
Henry Hyatt and Erika McEntarfer

Recruiting Intensity during and after the Great Recession: National and Industry Evidence
Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman and John C. Haltiwanger

Did the Housing Price Bubble Clobber Local Labor Market Job and Worker Flows When It Burst?
John M. Abowd and Lars Vilhuber

Time Away from Work: Time Use, Emotional Well-Being, and Unemployment: Evidence from Longitudinal Data
Alan B. Krueger and Andreas I. Mueller

Retirement and Home Production: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
Elena Stancanelli and Arthur Van Soest

The Role of Preferences and Opportunity Costs in Determining the Time Allocated to Housework
Leslie S. Stratton

Aggregate Impacts of a Gift of Time
Jungmin Lee, Daiji Kawaguchi and Daniel S. Hamermesh

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