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Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 10(2)

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Quantitative Marketing and Economics 

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A practitioner’s guide to Bayesian estimation of discrete choice dynamic programming models
Andrew T. Ching, Susumu Imai, Masakazu Ishihara & Neelam Jain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A dynamic quality ladder model with entry and exit: Exploring the equilibrium correspondence using the homotopy method
Ron N. Borkovsky, Ulrich Doraszelski & Yaroslav Kryukov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does banner advertising affect browsing for brands? clickstream choice model says yes, for some
Oliver J. Rutz & Randolph E. Bucklin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A censored random coefficients model for the detection of zero willingness to pay
Johannes Reichl & Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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