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Journal of Business Venturing, 27(5)

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Journal of Business Venturing 

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Friends, family, or fools: Entrepreneur experience and its implications for equity distribution and resource mobilization
Reddi Kotha, Gerard George [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender differences in firm performan Evidence from new ventures in the United States
Alicia M. Robb, John Watson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creativity in the opportunity identification process and the moderating effect of diversity of information
Michael M. Gielnik, Michael Frese, Johanna M. Graf, Anna Kampschulte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unlocking founding team prior shared experien A transactive memory system perspective
Yanfeng Zheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Angel investor characteristics that determine whether perceived passion leads to higher evaluations of funding potential
Cheryl Mitteness, Richard Sudek, Melissa S. Cardon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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