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Service Business 

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Impact of service personal values on service value and customer loyalty: a cross-service industry study
Le Nguyen Hau & Pham Ngoc Thuy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between strategic type and new service development competence: a study of Chinese knowledge intensive business services
Shunzhong Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of scale effects on the prevailing internet-based banking model in the US
Alexandre Momparler, Francisco J. Climent & Jose M. Ballester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A construction of consumer cognitive structures and their implications in furniture shopping decisions: a means-end chain approach
Hsin-Hui Lin & Joan Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are success and survival factors the same for social and business ventures?
Virginia Simón-Moya, Lorenzo Revuelto-Taboada & Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A framework for the selection of Six Sigma projects in services: case studies of banking and health care services in Taiwan
Ying-Jiun Hsieh, Lan-Ying Huang & Chi-Tai Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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