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Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 32(2)

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Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management 

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Announcing A Special Section on Sales Research Methodology
Nick Lee, Mike Ahearne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breaking the Sales Force Incentive Addiction: A Balanced Approach to Sales Force Effectiveness
Andris A. Zoltners, Prabhakant Sinha, Sally E. Lorimer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Intraorganizational Network Embeddedness Improve Salespeople’s Effectiveness? A Task Contingency Perspective
Tuba Üstüner, Dawn Iacobucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance Trends and Salesperson Evaluations: The Moderating Roles of Evaluation Task, Managerial Risk Propensity, and Firm Strategic Orientation
Michael J. Barone, Thomas E. DeCarlo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Interactive Effects of Sales Force Controls on Salespeople Behaviors and Customer Outcomes
Guangping Wang, Wenyu Dou, Nan Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology Usage and Sales Teams: A Multilevel Analysis of the Antecedents of Usage
Luke Weinstein, Ryan Mullins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Two Types of Goal Orientation and Salesperson Perceived Obsolescence on Adaptive Selling
Junwu Chai, Guangzhi Zhao, Barry J. Babin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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