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Journal of International Business Studies, 43(4)

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Journal of International Business Studies 

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Institutional distance and local isomorphism strategy
Robert Salomon and Zheying Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Catch-up strategies in the Indian auto components industry: Domestic firms’ responses to market liberalization
Arun Kumaraswamy, Ram Mudambi, Haritha Saranga and Arindam Tripathy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An institution-based view of executive compensation: A multilevel meta-analytic test
Marc van Essen, Pursey PMAR Heugens, Jordan Otten and J (Hans) van Oosterhout [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Individualism-collectivism as a moderator of the work demands-strains relationship: A cross-level and cross-national examination
Liu-Qin Yang, Paul E Spector, Juan I Sanchez, Tammy D Allen, Steven Poelmans, Cary L Cooper, Laurent M Lapierre, Michael P O’Driscoll, Nureya Abarca, Matilda Alexandrova, Alexandros-Stamatios Antoniou, Barbara Beham, Paula Brough, Ilker Carikci, Pablo Ferreiro, Guillermo Fraile, Sabine Geurts, Ulla Kinnunen, Chang-qin Lu, Luo Lu, Ivonne F Moreno-Velazquez, Milan Pagon, Horea Pitariu, Volodymyr Salamatov, Oi-ling Siu, Satoru Shima, Marion K Schulmeyer, Kati Tillemann, Maria Widerszal-Bazyl and Jong-Min Woo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Host-country national networks and expatriate effectiveness: A mixed-methods study
Nealia S Bruning, Karan Sonpar and Xiaoyun Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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