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Journal of Interactive Marketing, 26(2)

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Journal of Interactive Marketing 

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Special Issue on Social Media

Toward a Deeper Understanding of Social Media
Donna L. Hoffman, Thomas P. Novak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rising to Stardom: An Empirical Investigation of the Diffusion of User-generated Content
Yuping Liu-Thompkins, Michelle Rogerson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Popularity of Brand Posts on Brand Fan Pages: An Investigation of the Effects of Social Media Marketing
Lisette de Vries, Sonja Gensler, Peter S.H. Leeflang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Online Word of Mouth Higher for New Models or Redesigns? An Investigation of the Automobile Industry
Jie Feng, Purushottam Papatla [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Does Brand-related User-generated Content Differ across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter?
Andrew N. Smith, Eileen Fischer, Chen Yongjian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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