SET and Professor Age


Heather Monteiro and Janie Wilson seek survey volunteers for research on instructor age and student evaluation of teaching


I am a PhD student in Logistics, and I am working with Dr. Janie Wilson, a Psychology professor at Georgia Southern University on a study to determine if there is a relationship between professor age and SETs. We have created an online survey which will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes to fill out. Would you please take a few moments to fill it out? In the body you will find Dr. Wilson’s invitation, as well as the link to the Qualtrics survey. Thank you!!

Dear Colleagues,

Over the years, I have noticed a change in my teaching evaluations and am interested in examining the question of whether years of teaching impact evaluations. I am a professor in the Psychology Department at Georgia Southern University, and my colleague, Denise Beyer, is a Master?s Student in the department. The third member of our research team is Heather Monteiro, a PhD candidate in Logistics at Georgia Southern University.

We are interested in learning whether or not age of professor influences teaching evaluations across years of teaching. We will also be examining years in teaching, rank, and whether or not a teacher has tenure as additional predictors of student evaluations. We are asking you to complete a brief survey about perceptions of students, the university, and yourself as a teacher. In addition, please provide data on two typical student evaluations: rating of the teacher and rating of the course. Details are on the survey.

If you would be willing to help, your participation would take no more than 15 minutes. Please click on or copy and paste the following link:

Please email me, Janie Wilson, at if you have questions or suggestions.


Janie H. Wilson, PhD

Professor of Psychology