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Consumption, Markets and Culture, 15(2)

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Consumption, Markets and Culture 

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Shaping exchanges, building markets
Susi Geiger, Hans Kjellberg & Robert Spencer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the road to prosumption: marketing discourse and the development of consumer competencies
Bernard Cova & Véronique Cova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technologies of ironic revelation: enacting consumers in neuromarkets
Tanja Schneider & Steve Woolgar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing uses, qualifying goods: on the construction of market exchange for Internet access services
Alexandre Mallard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dynamic signification of product qualities: on the possibility of “greening” markets
Satu Reijonen & Kjell Tryggestad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market formation in subsistence contexts: a study of informal waste trade practices in Tanzania and Brazil
Sara Lindeman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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