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Strategic Sourcing and Performance, Special issue of Journal of Business Logistics, Edited by Christopher W. Craighead, David J. Ketchen, Jr. and T. Russel Crook; Deadline 31 Dec 2012

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Call for Papers for Journal of Business Logistics Special Issue:

Strategic Sourcing and Performance

The concept of strategic sourcing–making supply decisions with the intent to create distinctive value and achieve a competitive advantage–is prevalent among firms around the world. The effects of strategic sourcing; however, can be positive (e.g., performance enhancements, value creation, competitive advantage) or negative (e.g., exposure to risk/disruptions, loss of firm competence), and it is difficult for firms to predict which effects will emerge. Although strategic sourcing has become popular in recent years, academic research has not kept pace. This special topic forum on strategic sourcing and performance aims to publish a set of exemplary papers that will shed new light on how strategic sourcing may affect (positively and/or negatively) firm and supply chain performance. We are likewise interested in research that investigates how performance outcomes re-shape previously made sourcing decisions.

The goal of the special topic forum is to help close the gap between “what we know” and “what we need to know” about strategic sourcing and to serve as a catalyst for future theoretical and empirical development. Papers may be either conceptual or empirical in nature, adopt a domestic or international focus, and Pursue either theory-building or theory-testing. Papers that integrate multiple perspectives and/or multiple methodologies are especially encouraged. Suggested topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • How do sourcing strategies (e.g., sole/dual/cross sourcing, global/domestic sourcing) affect competitive advantage?
  • How should strategies be utilized within sourcing contingencies (e.g., small/large number of SKUs, critical/non-critical products, perishable/non-perishable products, standard/custom products)?
  • How should sourcing strategies be utilized within different industry/market conditions and dynamics?
  • How can sourcing create a synergistic effect on supply resilience?
  • How should various sourcing strategies by utilized in light of potential supply base characteristics (e.g.,few/many suppliers, supplier capabilities, supplier locations)?
  • How do the various sourcing strategies affect buyer and supplier performance?
  • To what extent is performance enhanced by matching sourcing strategies to other key management dimensions, such as information systems, transportation, logistics, and inventory management?
  • At what point should various sourcing decisions be “rethought” in light of poor performance or changing supply chain environments?
  • How can the risks and rewards of various sourcing strategies be managed to enhance long-term performance?
  • How do global sourcing strategies such as sourcing from supplier clusters or low-cost countries affect performance over time?
  • How do sourcing decisions evolve in light of supply chain re-design?

All topically appropriate papers will go through JBL’s double blind review process. The submission window is from November 15 to December 31, 2012. Interested authors can learn more, or submit a paper, by emailing any of the guest editors at, or

Guest Editors

Christopher W. Craighead, The Pennsylvania State University
David J. Ketchen, Jr., Auburn University
T. Russel Crook, University of Tennessee

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