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Organization Science 

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Introduction to the Special Issue: Bringing Status to the Table–Attaining, Maintaining, and Experiencing Status in Organizations and Markets
Ya-Ru Chen, Randall S. Peterson, Damon J. Phillips, Joel M. Podolny, and Cecilia L. Ridgeway [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Cost of Status Enhancement: Performance Effects of Individuals’ Status Mobility in Task Groups
Corinne Bendersky and Neha Parikh Shah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Status Conflict in Groups
Corinne Bendersky and Nicholas A. Hays [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Organizational Selection of Status Characteristics: Status Evaluations in an Open Source Community
Alison J. Bianchi, Soong Moon Kang, and Daniel Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Helping Hand or Competition? The Moderating Influence of Perceived Upward Mobility on the Relationship Between Blended Workgroups and Employee Attitudes and Behaviors
Elizabeth George, Prithviraj Chattopadhyay, and Lida L. Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rating Performance or Contesting Status: Evidence Against the Homophily Explanation for Supervisor Demographic Skew in Performance Ratings
Jone L. Pearce and Qiumei Jane Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Categorical Status, Numeric Representation, and Work Group Prestige on Preference for Demographically Similar Others: A Value Threat Approach
Michelle M. Duguid, Denise Lewin Loyd, and Pamela S. Tolbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psyched Up or Psyched Out? The Influence of Coactor Status on Individual Performance
Francis J. Flynn and Emily T. Amanatullah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Does Status Affect Performance? Status as an Asset vs. Status as a Liability in the PGA and NASCAR
Matthew S. Bothner, Young-Kyu Kim, and Edward Bishop Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Introduction to the Special Issue: The Genesis and Dynamics of Organizational Networks
Gautam Ahuja, Giuseppe Soda, and Akbar Zaheer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Rise and Fall of Small Worlds: Exploring the Dynamics of Social Structure
Ranjay Gulati, Maxim Sytch, and Adam Tatarynowicz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Missing Link: The Effect of Customers on the Formation of Relationships Among Producers in the Multiplex Triads
Andrew V. Shipilov and Stan Xiao Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agency in Action: Entrepreneurs’ Networking Style and Initiation of Economic Exchange
Balagopal Vissa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming Network Overload and Redundancy in Interorganizational Networks: The Roles of Potential and Latent Ties
Francesca Mariotti and Rick Delbridge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Better with Age? Tie Longevity and the Performance Implications of Bridging and Closure
Joel A. C. Baum, Bill McEvily, and Tim J. Rowley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not All Bridging Ties Are Equal: Network Imprinting and Firm Growth in the Nashville Legal Industry, 1933-1978
Bill McEvily, Jonathan Jaffee, and Marco Tortoriello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Coevolution of Network Ties and Perceptions of Team Psychological Safety
Mathis Schulte, N. Andrew Cohen, and Katherine J. Klein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Model of Instrumental Networks: The Roles of Socialized Charismatic Leadership and Group Behavior
Paul Varella, Mansour Javidan, and David A. Waldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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