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Marketing Theory, 12(1)

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Marketing Theory 

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Non-western contexts: The invisible half
Aliakbar Jafari, Fuat Firat, Ahmet Suerdem, Soren Askegaard, and Daniele Dalli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Approaching non-western consumer cultures from a historical perspective: The case of early modern Ottoman consumer culture
Eminegul Karababa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practicing Qi and consuming Ki: Folk epistemology and consumption rituals in Japan
Yuko Minowa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Glocal yoga: Re-appropriation in the Indian consumptionscape
Soren Askegaard and Giana M. Eckhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An analysis of material consumption culture in the Muslim world
Aliakbar Jafari and Ahmet Suerdem [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exogamous weddings and fashion in a rising consumer culture: Kabyle minority dynamics of structure and agency
Nacima Ourahmoune and Nil Ozcaglar-Toulouse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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