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Marketing Financial Services, Book by Hooman Estelami

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Marketing Financial Services (2nd edition)
By: Hooman Estelami
Publication date: February 14, 2012
Number of pages: 400

Chapter 1: Challenges of Marketing Financial Services
Chapter 2: Decision Process in Financial Services
Chapter 3: Categories of Financial Products and Services
Chapter 4: Pricing
Chapter 5: Advertising
Chapter 6: Distribution
Chapter 7: New Product Introduction in Financial Services
Chapter 8: Segmenting Financial Services Markets
Chapter 9: Customer Satisfaction with Financial Services
Chapter 10: Regulations Governing Financial Services Marketing
Chapter 11: Strategic Market Planning in Financial Services
Chapter 12: Cases and Simulation

This book is intended to serve as a textbook for business students at both graduate and undergraduate levels. It covers a variety of topics essential to the marketing of financial services and provides cases and a computer simulation for instructional use. Material for online teaching of the Marketing of Financial Services course are also available to instructors. Details of the chapters and other related information can be found at:

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