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Management Science 

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Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher]

Fighting City Hall: Entry Deterrence and Technology Upgrades in Cable TV Markets
Robert C. Seamans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constant Proportion Debt Obligations: A Postmortem Analysis of Rating Models
Michael B. Gordy and Soren Willemann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cutting in Line: Social Norms in Queues
Gad Allon and Eran Hanany [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Calendar Cycles, Infrequent Decisions, and the Cross Section of Stock Returns
Ravi Jagannathan, Srikant Marakani, Hitoshi Takehara, and Yong Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Leasing Greener Than Selling?
Vishal V. Agrawal, Mark Ferguson, L. Beril Toktay, and Valerie M. Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Density Forecasting of Intraday Call Center Arrivals Using Models Based on Exponential Smoothing
James W. Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sequential Sampling with Economics of Selection Procedures
Stephen E. Chick and Peter Frazier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bayesian Dynamic Pricing Policies: Learning and Earning Under a Binary Prior Distribution
J. Michael Harrison, N. Bora Keskin, and Assaf Zeevi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chasing a Moving Target: Exploitation and Exploration in Dynamic Environments
Hart E. Posen and Daniel A. Levinthal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multiattribute One-Switch Utility
Ilia Tsetlin and Robert L. Winkler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Delegated Search Over Design Spaces
Sanjiv Erat and Vish Krishnan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pricing Kernels with Stochastic Skewness and Volatility Risk
Fousseni Chabi-Yo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Compensation and Pay-Performance Sensitivity in a Continuous-Time Principal-Agent Model
Nengjiu Ju and Xuhu Wan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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