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Special issue of Service Industries Journal, Edited by Domingo Ribeiro, Gary Castrogiovanni and Gary Akehurst; Deadline 31 Jul 2012

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Service Industries Journal
Special Issue on Business Venturing

Submitting a Manuscript for the Special Issue:

Researchers interested in publishing in the special issue on business venturing may submit a manuscript online through Scholar One ( no later than July 31, 2012. Please clearly identify your submission, either by clicking on the appropriate link in the website, or in the email subject line, “SIJ-Business Venturing-Special Issue”. All papers will go through the regular double-blind review process to ensure their relevance and quality, and must follow the SIJ style guidelines. This special issue is planned for publication in November, 2013.

Call for Papers:

Issue 15, volume 33 will be devoted to the study of business venturing in service industries around the world. Today, it is widely recognised that the success and vitality of the service sector are essential factors in measuring an economy’s progress, its quality, and its future expectations. Such success not only improves competitiveness in every national market, but also indicates growth at the global level, consolidating competitiveness in advanced economies, and assuring social welfare in less economically developed countries. The service sector is the only area which has continued to grow and create new employment over the past two decades on a worldwide scale, while industry and agriculture have suffered declines in activity with sharp drops in employment figures. In Europe, the service sector has become a strategic sector of the European Union’s new Employment Policy. European policy does not merely put emphasis on services as a means of stimulating the economy, but as a key factor in creating wealth. In the United States, service sectors, especially knowledge-intensive industries, have become the core strength of the economy. The service sector represents 80% of the activity in the USA, whereas in Europe, 65% of jobs are related to this sector.

Articles in this special issue will examine concerns faced by international communities—from a comprehensive range of areas: economics of the service sector, business, operations, human resources, organizational design, information systems, quality, tourism, strategy and management, marketing, global issues in service sectors, innovation, and technology. Authors will share their experiences in developing, implementing, and evaluating their business venturing decisions and strategies and explore not only the latest research and methodologies in the field, but also examine the theoretical and managerial implications, and future research opportunities in service industries. New theories, technological advancements, investigations and the most relevant up-to-date case studies based upon the utmost academic rigour form the cornerstone of the issue’s aims and objectives. It should become essential literature for managers, executives, consultants, researchers and students in business, and those in both for-profit and non-profit service industries.

The special issue will cover the relationship between service industries and business venturing, and will include both conceptual and empirical papers leading to improvements in the understanding of global service industrial perspectives. Practice-oriented papers and teaching-oriented papers are welcome, as well as case studies of successful firms that have important practical implications. Also included will be original papers which contribute to the advancement of the field of management and business and the interface between service industries and business venturing, as well as articles on government economic policy.

Guest Editors: Domingo Ribeiro, University of Valencia (Spain), Gary Castrogiovanni, Florida Atlantic University (USA), and Gary Akehurst, Aberystwyth University (UK)

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