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Journal of Consumer Research, 38(6)

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Journal of Consumer Research 

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In Defense of Bumbling
Joseph W. Alba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The “Visual Depiction Effect” in Advertising: Facilitating Embodied Mental Simulation through Product Orientation
Ryan S. Elder, Aradhna Krishna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What to Say When: Influencing Consumer Choice by Delaying the Presentation of Favorable Information
Xin Ge, Gerald Häubl, Terry Elrod [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Mouth-Watering Prospect: Salivation to Material Reward
David Gal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reminders of Money Elicit Feelings of Threat and Reactance in Response to Social Influence
Jia (Elke) Liu, Dirk Smeesters, Kathleen D. Vohs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Super Size Me: Product Size as a Signal of Status
David Dubois, Derek D. Rucker, Adam D. Galinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Physical Weight to Psychological Significance: The Contribution of Semantic Activations
Meng Zhang, Xiuping Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Dynamic Impact of Variety among Means on Motivation
Jordan Etkin, Rebecca K. Ratner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are White Lies as Innocuous as We Think?
Jennifer J. Argo, Baba Shiv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lenses of the Heart: How Actors’ and Observers’ Perspectives Influence Emotional Experiences
Iris W. Hung, Anirban Mukhopadhyay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Lonely Consumer: Loner or Conformer?
Jing Wang, Rui (Juliet) Zhu, Baba Shiv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Payment Mechanisms Change the Way Consumers Perceive Products?
Promothesh Chatterjee, Randall L. Rose [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid: How Word of Mouth Influences the Storyteller
Sarah G. Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Life Satisfaction, Self-Determination, and Consumption Adequacy at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Kelly D. Martin, Ronald Paul Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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