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2011-2012 Marketing Science Practice Prize Videos Available On-line through MIT TechTV

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2011-2012 Marketing Science Practice Prize Videos Available On-line through MIT TechTV

Since its inception in 2003, the Marketing Science (Gary L. Lilien-ISMS-MSI) Practice Prize has been awarded for outstanding implementation of marketing science concepts and methods. Since 2010, the videos (both streaming and fully downloadable) and associated PowerPoint presentations have been made available through MIT Tech TV.

The videos for the three finalists in the 2011-2012 Competition are now available, bringing the number of such videos now available to 25. The newly-added videos are:

(Winner) “Creating a Measurable Social Media Marketing Strategy for Hokey Pokey: Increasing the Value and ROI of Intangibles & Tangibles” V. Kumar, Georgia State University, Vikram Bhaskaran, Georgia State University, Rohan Mirchandani, University of Pennsylvania, Milap Shah, Hokey Pokey

(Finalist) “Category OptimizerTM: A Dynamic Assortment, New Product Introduction, Mix Optimization and Demand Planning System” by Ashish Sinha, University of New South Wales and Sharat Mathur, Symphony IRI Group

(Finalist) “PROSAD: A Bidding Decision Support System for Profit Optimizing Search Engine Advertising Bernd Skiera, Goethe University, Nadia Abou Nabout Goethe University and Steffen Vogel, SEA

In addition to ISMS (The Informs Society for Marketing Science) and MSI (The Marketing Science Institute), the 2011-2012 competition, hosted by the University of Maryland, was sponsored by EMAC (the European Marketing Academy), the ISBM (Penn State’s Institute for the Study of Business Markets) and Georgia State’s Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management.

If you go to:

you will see the homepage for the collection; the videos are sorted by year as "subcollections."

These videos illustrate the impact that excellent marketing science has in practice and can be used in the classroom, for executive training, in firms to demonstrate effective use of marketing science and in consulting engagements. The licensing agreement allows free use and editing (with attribution) of the videos, which are available in three common formats, mov, mp4, and wmv. Please pass the link on to your colleagues and students and employ any social media mechanisms you use to encourage others to visit and use the videos.

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