MSI Ideas Challenge Winners


Eight winning groups have been named for the Marketing Science Institute?s 50th Anniversary Ideas Challenge

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Winner of Marketing Science Institute’s Ideas Challenge

The winner of MSI’s 50th Anniversary Ideas Challenge is a “big idea”: Marketing Scholarship 2.0 – helping the marketing field to work collaboratively and leverage technology platforms to solve consequential marketing problems. Seed grants of $10,000 have been awarded to the authors of eight noteworthy submissions to further develop their ideas. More details are available on the MSI website at

The Ideas Challenge, launched in 2011, aimed to “spark a new generation of fresh ideas, and a new wave of ventures, sourced across the whole community of marketing scholars and thinkers.” Across 64 submissions, two prominent features emerged: (1) submissions promoted collaboration among academic and business thinkers in the conception, design, and dissemination of research, and/or (2) submissions addressed marketing problems that are too complex – and too expensive to study – to be readily solved by independent researchers working alone or in small teams. Together, these two features spoke to the need for borderless pooling of resources and talent to achieve the critical mass required to properly study and understand complex marketing phenomena.

Accordingly, the overall winner of the Ideas Challenge is an overarching “big idea”: to direct some of the resources of MSI to help the marketing field to work collaboratively and leverage technology platforms to solve consequential marketing problems. It seeks to bring to life what Richard Lutz has described as “Marketing Scholarship 2.0” in his July 2011 Journal of Marketing article.

Eight of the 64 submissions captured important facets of the idea of Marketing Scholarship 2.0, and MSI awarded the authors of each of these submissions $10,000, to be used to further develop their ideas:

  • Renana Peres, “Interest Group on Social Influences in Marketing”
  • Mirella Kleijnen, Corine Noordhoff, Koen Pauwels, and Rosanna Garcia, “The Customer Innovation Journey: Incorporating Customers Effectively in the Innovation Process via Social Media”
  • Donna L. Hoffman and Thomas P. Novak, “Idea Wars: Developing a Collaborative Research Agenda for the Gamification of Marketing”
  • Rosanna Garcia, “Advancing Micro-modeling Simulation in Marketing by Creating a Collaborative Online Community of Academics and Practitioners”
  • Bruce Vanden Bergh, Hairong Li, and Chad Huntley, “Building a Social Media Platform for Usable Research Sharing”
  • César Zamudio, “MSIBridge: A Community for Marketing Scholarship”
  • A. “Parsu” Parasuraman, “Global Consortium of Service Research Centers”
  • Alan D. Cooke and Peter P. Zubcsek, “mLab: A Collaborative Mobile Research Lab”

In addition to these eight submissions, MSI seeks new proposals in the spirit of Marketing Scholarship 2.0. Proposals for pilot or demonstration programs to create new, worldwide collaborative networks are especially encouraged.

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