The Ideal Marketeer


Special issue of Marketing Review St. Gallen, Abstract deadline 26 Mar 2012

MRSG 6.2012: Marketeer

We are looking both for academic and pratically oriented contributions for issue 6 (2012, Dec.) of Marketing Review St. Gallen. Articals shall deal with the topic of the ideal marketeer. Topics may include but are not limited to: Successful leaders in marketing, training and development in marketing, co-operation with other functions, customers or stakeholder groups, differences in marketing management across industries.
Submission deadline: 26.3.2012

With the term Marketeer or Marketer (lat.: mercator = merchant, dealer) you describe a person who has specialized in the develop-ment and implementation of marketing strategies for companies, products or services. Marketing is a dynamic discipline which always has to face new challenges. In this issue of MRSG we want to describe and illustrate the actors, their disciplines and their framework conditions. Why? Because successful marketing, despite all professional concepts and instruments, is always done by people. We are looking for contributions on the following subjects as well as on others relating to the topic:

  • Which trends and developments are especially relevant for mar-keting experts?
  • Which competences are required to successfully implement these trends?
  • How are good marketing experts trained and further qualified today?
  • Are there differences specific to the various sectors?
  • How do marketing people work together with each other or coo-perate with other sectors?
  • How close to customers is marketing in practice?
  • What distinguishes successful leadership in marketing?
  • How much influence do marketing researchers have on marketing in practice?

Please send a one-page abstract (A4) to and by March 26, 2012 at the latest.

The final deadline for submitting your article in full is May 23, 2012. This issue will be published on December 18, 2012.