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Student Learning and Online Marketing Education, Special issues of Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, Edited by Brian A. Vander Schee; Deadline 1 Aug 2012

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Call for Papers

Special Issue: Student Learning and Online Marketing Education Special Issues Editor: Brian A. Vander Schee, Aurora University

Submission Deadline: August 1, 2012

The place where students engage in higher education has long since expanded beyond the traditional classroom. In fact, incorporating some form of online delivery of course content is increasingly the norm. On-campus instruction can be complemented by various online instructional tools. Hybrid or blended approaches are common as well as completely online experiences. These are accomplished using asynchronous exchange, web delivery, simulations, or virtual platforms to name a few.

Research regarding student perspectives or satisfaction with online education are prevalent in the literature. However the extent to which online marketing education is effective and demonstrates student learning is not as readily documented. Thus this special issue is focused on addressing the need for empirically based research on online marketing education and student learning.

The scope is broad to include online education related to any aspect of marketing, from any marketing-related course, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. Papers should provide sufficient detail for readers to readily apply the in-class activity, course project, curriculum development or program ideas presented. In all cases, the paper should make clear the pedagogical value of the initiative together with metrics supporting any claims.

Electronic submission to the JAME Special Issues Editor is required and must follow the JAME guidelines on the JAME webpage at

Manuscripts must not exceed 20 pages including abstract, body, references, tables, figures, appendices, etc. Feel free to contact the JAME Special Issues Editor with any questions.

Please submit your work as an e-mail attachment with ‘Special Issue’ in the subject line to the Editor, Matt Elbeck at Submissions will go through a double-blind review process. Criteria will include having a solid foundation in the emerging online education literature, providing a concise marketing education context for the student learning initiative, using appropriate methodology as well as offering insights and meaningful application of assessment results.

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