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Public Opinion Quarterly 

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Generational Memory and the Critical Period: Evidence for National and World Events
Howard Schuman and Amy Corning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asking Sensitive Questions Using the Crosswise Model: An Experimental Survey Measuring Plagiarism
Ben Jann, Julia Jerke, and Ivar Krumpal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Whose Economy?: Perceptions Of National Economic Performance During Unequal Growth
Daniel J. Hopkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not All News Is the Same: Protests, Presidents, and the Mass Public Agenda
Corwin D. Smidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Fey Effect: Young Adults, Political Humor, and Perceptions of Sarah Palin in the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign
Jody C. Baumgartner, Jonathan S. Morris, and Natasha L. Walth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Justice?: Perceptions of Politicization and Public Preferences Toward the Supreme Court Appointment Process
Brandon L. Bartels and Christopher D. Johnston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Time-Series Analysis of External Efficacy
Adam Chamberlain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Mentioning "Some People" and "Other People" in an Opinion Question Improve Measurement Quality?
David Scott Yeager and Jon A. Krosnick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Polls – Trends: Confidence in Banks, Financial Institutions, and Wall Street, 1971-2011
Lindsay A. Owens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Statistical Approaches To Protecting Confidentiality For Microdata And Their Effects On The Quality Of Statistical Inferences
Jerome P. Reiter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

When Politicians Attack: Party Cohesion in the Media
Jonathan M. Ladd [Publisher]

Selling Fear: Counterterrorism, the Media, and Public Opinion
Jennifer L. Merolla [Publisher]

Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys
Steven G. Heeringa [Publisher]

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