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Delayed gratification
Marc J. Dollinger [Publisher]

Delivering effective performance feedback: The strengths-based approach
Herman Aguinis, Ryan K. Gottfredson, Harry Joo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Five trademark law strategies for managing brands
Timothy A. Lemper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The crisis that keeps going. . .and going. . .and going
Idalene F. Kesner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The crisis that keeps going. . .and going. . .and going
Christine Pearson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The crisis that keeps going. . .and going. . .and going
Mike Wells [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If you love something, let it go mobile: Mobile marketing and mobile social media 4×4
Andreas M. Kaplan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selling to Millennials with online reviews
W. Glynn Mangold, Katherine Taken Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

3-D printing: The new industrial revolution
Barry Berman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply chain trust: The catalyst for collaborative innovation
Stanley E. Fawcett, Stephen L. Jones, Amydee M. Fawcett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enhancing customer self-efficacy in co-producing service experiences
Robert C. Ford, Duncan R. Dickson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International business complexity and the internationalization of languages
W. Travis Selmier, Chang Hoon Oh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Better, faster, cheaper: Pick any three
Paul Clements, John McGregor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft, by Paul Allen (New York: Portfolio, 2011, 368 pp.)
Steven M. Backs [Publisher]

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