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Journal of Business Research, 65(4)

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Journal of Business Research 

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The emergence of Consumer Introspection Theory (CIT): Introduction to aJBRspecial issue
Stephen J. Gould [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wake up and smell the coffin: An introspective obituary
Stephen Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reflexive introspection on sharing gifts and shaping stories
Barbara Olsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

John F. Sherry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Me/my research/avatar
Robert V. Kozinets [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Researchers’ introspection for multi-sited ethnographers: A xenoheteroglossic autoethnography
Yuko Minowa, Luca M. Visconti, Pauline Maclaran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Postmodern paradoxes in Thai-Asian consumer identity
Rungpaka Amy Tiwsakul, Chris Hackley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainable consumption: Introspecting across multiple lived cultures
Catherine Banbury, Robert Stinerock, Saroja Subrahmanyan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethnicity introspected: Researchers in search of their identity
Amina Béji-Bécheur, Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse, Sondes Zouaghi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Saved!” by Jena Malone: An introspective study of a consumer’s fan relationship with a film actress
Markus Wohlfeil, Susan Whelan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Introspecting the spiritual nature of a brand divorce
Fiona Sussan, Richard Hall, Laurie A. Meamber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social-networkers of the world, unite and take over: A meta-introspective perspective on the Facebook brand
Anthony Patterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Section: Reliability, Mindfulness and Managing Healthcare

Reliability, mindfulness, and managing healthcare: Introduction to aJBRspecial section
Paul Mangiameli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mindfulness, reliability, pre-emptive conflict handling, customer orientation and outcomes in Malaysia’s healthcare sector
Nelson Oly Ndubisi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How job-level HRM effectiveness influences employee intent to turnover and workarounds in hospitals
Anthony R. Wheeler, Jonathon R.B. Halbesleben, Kenneth J. Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collaborative leadership model in the management of health care
Jerry D. VanVactor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation in healthcare: Issues and future trends
Ramendra Thakur, Sonya H.Y. Hsu, Gwen Fontenot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The cost of mindfulness: A case study
Douglas N. Hales, James Kroes, Yuwen Chen, Kyung Woo (David) Kang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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