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International Journal of Consumer Studies, 36(2)

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International Journal of Consumer Studies 

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Editorial: Consumer behaviour towards a sustainable future
Carola Grebitus, Monika Hartmann, Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky, Christiane Pakula and Rainer Stamminger [Publisher]

Segments of sustainable food consumers: a literature review
Muriel C.D. Verain, Jos Bartels, Hans Dagevos, Siet J. Sijtsema, Marleen C. Onwezen and Gerrit Antonides [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dietary vs. transport: an analysis of environmental burdens pertaining to a typical workday
Sara Sanfilippo, Andrea Raimondi, Bernardo Ruggeri and Debora Fino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer preferences for sustainable production methods in apple purchasing behaviour: a non-hypothetical choice experiment
Riccarda Moser and Roberta Raffaelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do environmental attitudes and food technology neophobia affect perceptions of the benefits of nanotechnology?
Anahita Hosseini Matin, Ellen Goddard, Frédéric Vandermoere, Sandrine Blanchemanche, Andrea Bieberstein, Stephan Marette and Jutta Roosen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ valuation of food quality labels: the case of the European geographic indication and organic farming labels
Maria Carmela Aprile, Vincenzina Caputo and Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Negative influences of working life on sustainable consumption
Viola Muster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Application of Best Practice Tips in manual dishwashing in Germany and Spain
Natalie Fuss and Rainer Stamminger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of socio-demographical, behavioural and attitudinal factors on the amount of avoidable food waste generated in Finnish households
Heta-Kaisa Koivupuro, Hanna Hartikainen, Kirsi Silvennoinen, Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, Noora Heikintalo, Anu Reinikainen and Lotta Jalkanen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Importance of traceability for sustainable production: a cross-country comparison
Aye Chan Myae and Ellen Goddard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Accessing and affording sustainability: the experience of fashion consumption within young families
Elaine L. Ritch and Monika J. Schröder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can conscious consumption be learned? The role of Hungarian consumer protection education in becoming conscious consumers
Margit Süle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A monitoring and feedback service as a way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of consumption
Kaarina Hyvönen, Mika Saastamoinen, Mikko Hongisto, Arto Kallio and Caj Södergård [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing laundry habits in Norway
Kirsi Laitala, Ingun G. Klepp and Casper Boks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer behaviour towards alternative energy products: a study
Pramod Paliwal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Morality or economic interest? The impact of moral motives and economic factors on the purchase of fair trade groceries
Georg Sunderer and Jörg Rössel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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