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Chinese International Investments, A book by Ilan Alon, Marc Fetscherin and Philippe Gugler

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Ilan Alon, Rollins College, United States Marc Fetscherin, Rollins College, United States Philippe Gugler, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Ilan Alon, Marc Fetscherin, and Philippe Gugler

Part 1: Macro-Environmental Determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

1: An Institutional Perspective and the Role of the State for Chinese OFDI
Bing Ren, Hao Liang, and Ying Zheng

2: Home Country Macroeconomic Determinants of Chinese OFDI
William Wei, Ilan Alon, and Liqiang Ni

3: The Role of Country of Origin and Chinese OFDI
Paz Estrella Tolentino

4: Chinese SWFs: At the Crossroad between the Visible and the Invisible Hand
Michael Keller and Laura Vanoli

Part 2: Micro-Environmental Determinants of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

5: Motives and Patterns of Reverse FDI by Chinese Manufacturing Firms
Xiaobo Wu, Wanling Ding, and Yongjiang Shi

6: A Two-way Causal Link between Internationalization and CEO Equity Ownership in Chinese Firms
Xiaohui Liu and Jiangyong Lu

7: Effects of Absorptive Capacity on International Acquisitions of Chinese Firms
Ping Deng

Part 3: Chinese FDI in Europe and North America

8: Push and Pull Factors for Chinese OFDI in Europe
Yun Schüler-Zhou, Margot Schüller, and Magnus Brod

9: The Rise of Chinese OFDI in Europe
Jan Knoerich

10: Chinese M&A in Germany
Yipeng Liu and Michael Woywode

11: Chinese Migration in Europe
Anja Fladrich

12: Chinese State-Controlled Funds and Entities in Canada
Xiaohua Lin and Qianyu Chen

Part 4: Chinese FDI in Africa

13: Chinese OFDI in Africa: Trends, Prospects and Threats
Gayle Allard

14: Chinese OFDI in Sub-Saharan Africa
Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris

Part 5: Cases of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

15: The Case of Florida Splendid China
Wenxian Zhang

16: Benelli and QJ Compete in the International Motorbike Arena
Francesca Spigarelli, William Wei, and Ilan Alon

17: Geely’s Internationalization and Volvo’s Acquisition
Marc Fetscherin

Final Reflections
Ilan Alon, Marc Fetscherin, and Philippe Gugler

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