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Journal of Brand Management, 19(5)

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Journal of Brand Management 

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Which category to extend to – Product or service?
F Muge Arslan and Oylum Korkut Altuna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of brand extensions on parent brand relationship equity
Abhishek Dwivedi and Bill Merrilees [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sizing up the retailer brand implementation gap and its effects on brand-building outcomes
Jodie L Ferguson and Brian P Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is this Shangri-La? The case for authenticity in the Chinese and Indian hospitality industry
Glyn Atwal and Alistair Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A two-dimensional approach to between-partner fit in co-branding evaluations
Hongmin Ahn and Yongjun Sung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring brand extensions in the context of franchising in Australia
Scott Weaven, Debra Grace and Ryan Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrated branding with mergers and acquisitions
Deli Yang, Danny A Davis and Kim R Robertson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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