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Analyzing the evidence of an IPR take-off in China and India
Manuel Mira Godinho, Vítor Ferreira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How does openness affect the importance of incentives for innovation?
Xiaolan Fu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge flows in the solar photovoltaic industry: Insights from patenting by Taiwan, Korea, and China
Ching-Yan Wu, John A. Mathews [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological innovation capabilities in the thin film transistor-liquid crystal display industries of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
Mei-Chih Hu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge spillovers and firm performance in the high-technology industrial cluster
Yih-Luan Chyi, Yee-Man Lai, Wen-Hsien Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personal relationships and innovation diffusion in SME networks: A content analysis approach
Federica Ceci, Daniela Iubatti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do R&D subsidies affect SMEs’ access to external financing?
Miguel Meuleman, Wouter De Maeseneire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multinationality, foreignness and institutional distance in the relation between R&D and productivity
Dolores Añón Higón, Miguel Manjón Antolín [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scope and patterns of innovation cooperation in Spanish service enterprises
Alexandre Trigo, Xavier Vence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Environmental innovation and R&D cooperation: Empirical evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms
Valentina De Marchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A quasi-experimental evaluation of learning in a stakeholder dialogue on bio-energy
Eefje Cuppen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political instability, pro-business market reforms and their impacts on national systems of innovation
Gayle Allard, Candace A. Martinez, Christopher Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management innovation through standardization: Consultants as standardizers of organizational practice
Christopher Wright, Andrew Sturdy, Nick Wylie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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