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Journal of Travel Research, 51(2)

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French Destination Efficiency: A Mean-Variance Approach
Laurent Botti, Olga Goncalves, and Hermann Ratsimbanierana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experience Expectations of Prospective Volunteer Tourists
Kathleen Andereck, Nancy Gard McGehee, Seungwoo Lee, and David Clemmons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis and Swine Flu on Inbound Tourism Demand in the United Kingdom
Stephen Page, Haiyan Song, and Doris Chenguang Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourists’ Written Reactions to Poverty in Southern Africa
Philip L. Pearce [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluation of Segment Attractiveness by Risk-Adjusted Market Potential: First-Time vs. Repeat Visitors
Amir Shani, Arie Reichel, and Robertico Croes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recollection Consistency of Festival Consumption Emotions
Jenny (Jiyeon) Lee and Gerard T. Kyle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Value: A Longitudinal Study of Timeshare Owners
Graham L. Bradley and Beverley A. Sparks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information-Processing Strategies: A Focus on Pictorial Information Roles
Soo Hyun Jun and Stephen Holland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Cybermediaries in Reputation Building and Price Premiums in the Online Hotel Market
Nira Yacouel and Aliza Fleischer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hotel Trademarks in Organic Search: A Longitudinal Cross-National Study
Srikanth Beldona, Kunwei Lin, and Mingzhu Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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