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International Journal of Innovation Management, 15(6)

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International Journal of Innovation Management 

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Editorial — Sixth Special Issue for the ISPIM
Joe Tidd, Eelko Huizingh and Steffen Conn Page: V-Vi [Publisher]

Online Channels and Innovation: Are Users Being Empowered and Involved?
Kristina Risom Jespersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Open Innovation Maturity Framework
Ellen Enkel, John Bell and Hannah Hogenkamp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Open Innovation and Its Effectiveness to Embrace Turbulent Environments
Fiona M. Schweitzer, Oliver Gassmann and Kurt Gaubinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Innovation Networks in the Industrial Goods Sector
Johannes Landsperger and Patrick Spieth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Acquiring Once, Acquiring Twice — Lessons Learned From Repeated Acquisitions of Innovative Firms
Christina Öberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Emergence of Innovation-Based Wireless Clusters: Quality and Timing Matter
Jorma Nieminen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Public Funding on a Firm’s Innovation Performance: Analysis of Internal and External Moderating Factors
Jose Albors-Garrigos and Rosa Rodriguez Barrera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Business Models Through Collaborative Idea Generation
Martin J. Eppler, Friederike Hoffmann and Sabrina Bresciani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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