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Nonprofit Services: Challenges and Opportunities, Special issue of Service Industries Journal, Guest editors Helena Alves, Gary Akehurst and Domingo Ribeiro; Deadline 30 Sep 2013

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Special Issue: Nonprofit Services: Challenges and Opportunities
Service Industries Journal, published by Taylor & Francis

Guest Editors: Helena Alves, Gary Akehurst and Domingo Ribeiro

The nonprofit sector has had an increasingly more important role in the economy, contributing to the welfare of society in areas as diverse as healthcare, education, culture, education, counseling, nutrition and protection. Its importance can be seen by the number of people it employs and also for its contribution to gross domestic product. According to the John Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project the nonprofit sector represents an average of 5 percent of Gross Domestic Product in the eight countries for which satellite account data are available, and employs more employees than several industries.

The fact that organizations belonging to this sector are not profit-driven gives them specificities (Andreasen and Kotler, 2003; Dolnicar et al., 2008), which have attracted and continue to gain interest in their study. In fact, the recent research conducted by Deloitte Consulting (2010) showed that amongst some of the needs nonprofit organizations have are the need to do partnerships to extend their reach, the need to have detailed strategic planning to document priorities, the need to have prioritized initiatives to manage resource allocation, the need to provide training to paid staff and volunteers, the need to leverage modern technology to improve communications and the need to continuously raise funds.

Therefore the editors of this special issue, Helena Alves, Gary Akehurst and Domingo Ribeiro, would be pleased to receive articles of a theoretical nature, as well as research-based pieces, on any aspect or factor within nonprofit services context. In particular, they would be happy to receive articles on the following aspects:

  • Nonprofit organizations governance
  • Nonprofit organizations financing
  • Nonprofit organizations fundraising
  • Partnerships with public sector
  • Volunteer recruitment and motivation
  • Marketing in nonprofit organizations
  • Managing human resources in the nonprofit services organizations.
  • Efficiency in nonprofit organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations stakeholders management
  • Efficacy in nonprofit organizations actions
  • Nonprofit organizations and new information and communications technologies

The deadline for submitting papers is September 30, 2013. Full papers and questions about content and ideas should be directed to the guest editor Helena Alves at, Professor Gary Akehurst, at, or Professor Domingo Ribeiro, at Please clearly identify your submission in the email subject line, SIJ – Nonprofit Services: Challenges and Opportunities – Special Issue.

All papers will go through the regular double-blind review process to ensure its relevance and quality, and must follow the SIJ Style Guidelines (see

Papers would be published online around July 2015 and hard copy publication in February 2016, volume 36, issue 1.

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