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James Reardon has compiled a list of Summer study abroad opportunities for marketing students and would like to add to the list with suggestions from ELMAR subscribers

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I am compiling a list of direct summer study abroad opportunities and thought that I would share the good ones that I found. If you know of any other good summer programs, please post or send to me at As far as I know, all the programs below are taught by AQ type faculty. All programs below are open application to all students (not restricted to partner institutions). Some are our partner schools, some I teach in, and some I’ve just heard good things about from other faculty – I’ve only included those that I would recommend to our students. Obviously, share these with your students and any others that you would recommend with the rest of us J

NOTES: costs below do not include transportation. US credits calculated using standard 1:2 ration of US:ECTS credits. I did not put third party organized programs (IMO they tend to be very expensive for the value they give). The "*" at the end of each is my judgement 🙂

UAS, Cologne Germany
May 7-June 1
US Credits 6
2 fixed classes offered
Cost about $2,200

(Application forms are actually easier to find on second links in English) – NOTE – Application deadline is Very soon

*Our students have had positive things to say about this program

ESC Rennes France – Responsible Management
June 12-23
US Credits 3
1 class offered
Cost – 1280-1450Euro – Tuition and accommodation

ISM Vilnius Lithuania
July 2-23
US Credits 3 or 6 (same price)
8 classes offered
Cost – 800 Euro (Tuition, accommodation, company visits, and some meals) – complete program

*least expensive opportunity for students – tempted go myself J

KIMEP, Almaty Kazakhstan
July 16-Aug 3 (note: Visa required for US Students)
US credits 3
23 classes offered (some out of business area)
Cost – $1360 (discounts available for early) – tuition and program (accommodation about $100 extra)

*Most unique place (yes, it is relatively safe and everything is in English)

EF, Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia
July 9-27
US Credits – 3 or 6 (same price)
31 courses (UG and Grad)
Cost – 850 (Tuition, accommodation, meals) – complete program

* best value (price vs course selection – both AACSB and EQUIS accredited)

ABS, Aarhus, Denmark
Three Sections (July 2-20, July 16-Aug 10; and July 30-Aug24_
Courses are 5 or 10 ECTS each (US 2.5 – 5 credits each) per term – note students are only allowed to take one class per term
78 courses across many academic areas
Cost – 1300 DDK per ECTS (about 2600 DDK per US credit) {participation and Tuition}

*Best selection of courses

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