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Second Interdisciplinary Science of Consumption meeting, Ann Arbor, MI, 23-24 Mar 2012; Registration deadline 20 Feb

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Now accepting registration and student submissions for the upcoming, Second Interdisciplinary Science of Consumption meeting!

ISC12 Meeting
March 23-24, 2012
University of Michigan
Organizers: Stephanie Preston, Scott Rick, Peter Todd

Attendance is free but requires registration by February 20th (email:

Students can submit blitz presentation abstracts (250 word max; $200 travel stipends available to non-UM students!) by February 20th to:


James Andreoni UCSD (Economics)

Susan Gelman University of Michigan (Developmental; possession, ownership)
Carey Morewedge Carnegie Mellon University (Marketing; JDM, endowment)
Hilke Plassmann INSEAD Business School (Marketing; neuroeconomics, consumption)
Scott Rick University of Michigan (Marketing; JDM, saving and spending)
Peter Todd Indiana University (Psychology/Cognitive Science; JDM, foraging, food choice)

Theme Overview: Consumption is necessary for survival but also produces negative consequences for human health, society, and the environment. Research across domains (addiction, obesity, debt, consumer behavior, material waste, hoarding) finds overlapping biological and psychological bases for consumption-related phenomena, suggesting the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach. The meetings include presentations from leading researchers across fields with ample discussion and interaction time to promote communication and collaboration.

Consortium Goals: The first Michigan Meeting on Consumption was a great success, culminating in a forthcoming MIT volume (edited by Preston, Kringelbach, and Knutson). We continue the tradition while forging a new consortium that fosters consumption research through thoughtful, engaging, interdisciplinary meetings and publications relevant to many fields (e.g., economics, neuroscience, JDM, social and clinical psychology, natural resources).

If you cannot attend, you can still join our consortium. Members will be listed on our website, will have access to resources, and can help plan and participate in future events.

For more information email

See you there!

Stephanie D. Preston, Scott Rick, and Peter Todd


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