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Management Science, 58(1)

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Management Science 

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Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Introduction to the Special Issue on Behavioral Economics and Finance
Brad M. Barber, Teck-Hua Ho, and Terrance Odean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Split or Steal? Cooperative Behavior When the Stakes Are Large
Martijn J. van den Assem, Dennie van Dolder, and Richard H. Thaler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Behavioral Genetics of Behavioral Anomalies
David Cesarini, Magnus Johannesson, Patrik K. E. Magnusson, and Bjorn Wallace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Model of Casino Gambling
Nicholas Barberis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Personal Experience on Behavior: Evidence from Video-Rental Fines
Michael P. Haselhuhn, Devin G. Pope, Maurice E. Schweitzer, and Peter Fishman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Norms and Contracting
Judd B. Kessler and Stephen Leider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Gender Composition on Team Performance and Decision Making: Evidence from the Field
Jose Apesteguia, Ghazala Azmat, and Nagore Iriberri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feedback, Self-Esteem, and Performance in Organizations
Camelia M. Kuhnen and Agnieszka Tymula [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender, Competition, and Managerial Decisions
Curtis R. Price [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Aggregation and Manipulation in Prediction Markets: Effects of Trading Mechanism and Information Distribution
Lian Jian and Rahul Sami [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Apologies as Signals: With Evidence from a Trust Game
Benjamin Ho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Case-Based Model of Probability and Pricing Judgments: Biases in Buying and Selling Uncertainty
Lyle A. Brenner, Dale W. Griffin, and Derek J. Koehler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Paying to Be Nice: Consistency and Costly Prosocial Behavior
Ayelet Gneezy, Alex Imas, Amber Brown, Leif D. Nelson, and Michael I. Norton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Imprecise Data Sets as a Source of Ambiguity: A Model and Experimental Evidence
Ayala Arad and Gabrielle Gayer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Multimethod Approach to Identifying Norms and Normative Expectations Within a Corporate Hierarchy: Evidence from the Financial Services Industry
Stephen V. Burks and Erin L. Krupka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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