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International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, 4(1)

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Special issue on Marketing in Emerging Markets

Guest Editors:

John Branch, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA
Maja Martinovic, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia
Michael Metzger, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica

John Branch, Maja Martinovic, Michael Metzger

The role of global brand familiarity, trust and liking in predicting global brand purchase intent: a Hungarian-American comparison
Zsuzsa Deli-Gray, James E. Haefner, Al Rosenbloom

Accessing marketing channels in emerging markets: the case of small-scale cooperatives in central Mexico
Julie V. Stanton

Identifying customer value in emerging markets via conjoint analysis: a case study of an Estonian packaging company
Andrus Kotri, Jim Mourey

Antecedents of MNE performance: evidence from Asia Pacific emerging markets
Juichuan Chang

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