MAPP Workshop 2012


10th International MAPP Workshop on Consumer Behaviour and Food Marketing, Middelfart, Denmark, 15-16 May 2012, Liisa L?hteenm?ki, Klaus G. Grunert and Merete Elmann; Deadline 29 Feb

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MAPP Workshop 2012 – Hedonic marketing: The interaction of sensory and informational characteristics in food products

10th International MAPP Workshop on Consumer Behaviour and Food Marketing
Hotel Comwell Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart, Denmark
15-16 May 2012

Call for Abstracts

Food products are to an increasing extent marketed based on informational characteristics like health and sustainability, but at the same time the taste and other sensory characteristics of food are still the main drivers of food choice. The 10th International MAPP Workshop on Consumer Behaviour and Food Marketing will focus on how experience- and information-based characteristics can be combined to promote the future success of new food products.

Consumers’ perceptions of food products are based on a combination of experienced qualities and informed qualities. Expectations about products can be created by attaching extrinsic information, but how much do we know about the need for congruency between these external descriptors and intrinsic product characteristics? We would like to invite presentations on how sensory and other experienced product characteristics interact with externally created expectations and whether this has an impact on the product acceptability?

Suggested topics include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • The role of taste in food choice: can taste be overridden by other product characteristics?
  • Can perceived pleasantness be raised by creating expectations about the hedonic quality?
  • Can sensory experiences be used to create emotional bonds with products?
  • How can we tailor congruency between experience-based (including sensory) and information-based characteristics?
  • What is the role of sensory and informational product characteristics in triggering trial and repeat purchases?

Workshop Format

The MAPP workshop is an intimate forum, limited to 30 participants. Researchers from academia and industry present innovative research, meet future collaborators and discuss the latest ideas.

The workshop will be held at Hotel Kongebrogaarden in Middelfart, which can conveniently be reached from Copenhagen Airport via a direct train service.

Participants are expected to arrive 15 May 2012 for a joint dinner and networking. The workshop takes place 16 May 2012.

The fee is DKK 3000, and it includes accommodation and all meals. The registration takes place when the final programme is ready.

Programme Committee

Professor Liisa Lähteenmäki, Professor Klaus G. Grunert and Merete Elmann are responsible for the workshop.

Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 29 February 2012.

Please submit your abstract to Merete Elmann, We will confirm all abstracts that are submitted.

Submissions should include:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Abstract (up to 350 words)
  • Keywords (up to 5)


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